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Pros and cons of solar technology

The green movement grew rapidly in the last couples of years motivating hundreds of people to take a look at renewable sources of energy and green technologies. According to Georgia Roof Pro, the number 1 roofing contractor in Lawrenceville, GA, one of the most prominent fields in the area of sustainable industry and living is solar technology.  

Using Sun’s energy for supplying our properties with power is becoming more and more popular, so stick with us and let’s explore advantages and drawbacks of solar energy.

Pros of Solar energy

1.    Cleanest possible Energy Source

First of all, solar panels do absolutely nothing except collecting sun’s energy. They leave zero carbon footprint unlike other means of powering your home. This might be the most significant difference between solar and other forms of energies. Panels are environmentally friendly, sleek and elegant looking and highly effective.

2.    Never running out of it

There is no blackout when it comes to solar energy! It is a renewable source which means we can never run out without it. Fear of running out of fossils has been around for quite some times now, and it is completely justified since fossil fuels are not renewable. Therefore, we have to focus on solar, wind and other renewable types of power in the future.

3.    Rooftop friendly

Solar technology has gone a long way since it was first even considered. Manufacturers adjusted, designed and engineered in order to make solar energy as available as possible. Solar panels became the perfect solution; they can be installed on your roof, so there are no more worries about where to fit them.  Roof arrangement will not only save you extremely much space, but it will also provide you with major energy savings.

4.    Cut your Electricity Bills

When it comes to energy savings, we have to mention money savings as well. Using solar technology for powering your home automatically means getting off the grid. This way you are generating your energy and don’t need to pay a penny for doing so.  Solar technology can significantly cut your monthly electricity bills, but that’s not all; homeowners can also sell electricity to companies!

Cons of Solar Energy

When it comes to cons of solar technology and energy, there are not many. However, we have to mention two most prominent ones that might be pushing people away from solar

1.    Initial Cost

By far the most significant con of solar technology is initial installation cost. Not everyone can afford even to consider solar panels. Cost of panels is for sure more than 1000 dollars. However, that is without paying for installation. This makes solar technology less available than it seems.

2.    Powering only during daytime

The solar rooftop can only generate electricity during daytime. This means that half of the year, solar rooftop does nothing.  Therefore, before jumping into the installation , it is obligatory to think about your location and climate and conclude if installation would be profitable. Otherwise, solar panels might end up being a huge cost for your household, and you might not ever get your money back.

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