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During our decades-long existence, we have gained experience that makes us perfect when it comes to dealing with even the most challenging roofing projects. In order to ensure the quality of our work, we employ and train highly skilled professionals that constantly work on upgrading our service.

Commercial roofing is one the two main types of roofing we do at Georgia Roof Pro. Simply put, commercial roofing is a collective term used to describe a type of material and techniques used to cover any variety of commercial buildings. If you are looking for a commercial roofing solution, you want to find a way to protect your commercial building from harsh weather conditions and ensure the durability of the product.

Commercial roofing, as opposed to residential roofing, is based on certain methods and techniques that ensure maximum functionality of the roof system and the stability and protection of the building. The technique we use is called membrane roofing. It works perfectly on large buildings with flat tops when combined with extra durable materials, such as synthetic rubber and thermoplastic. These materials offer a higher degree of durability, they are easily sustainable and require little to no maintenance. The sheets of the materials are distributed evenly on top of the surface and are connected at the joints in order to ensure no moisture passes through.

Considering the high rate of unpleasant weather conditions in Gwinnett County, GA, we are aware of the risks Georgia residents have to face when installing or maintaining their roof systems. That’s why we strive to provide the best roofing solution services any company can offer. We can repair your roof – particularly when it comes to emergency repairs needed to be done due to extensive damage, or storm damage repairs. In addition to that, we offer the service of roof replacement, no matter the reason.

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We are a company that values our customers and sees their satisfaction as a top priority. This is the reason we put all of our efforts into improving the quality of our work, coming up with new techniques and technology, and, subsequently, making sure you get what you asked for – the best products and services in residential roofing.

Our locations include Lawrenceville, Dacula, Grayson, Buford, Sugar Hill, Snellville and Duluth, all located in Gwinnett County service area. If you are in need of a new commercial roofing solution, and you are a resident of Gwinnett County, make sure to contact us and ensure your building gets the treatment it deserves.

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Materials and Roof Types in Commercial Roofing

The techniques we use can be divided into three large categories, each having its own specific properties and functions.

Synthetic Rubber Roofing

The material used for this type of roofing is called EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). It is a type of synthetic rubber applied to the surface of a building (usually a flat or a mildly sloped one) in large sheets that are then fused together to create an even, seamless surface. If you are looking for a low-cost, easy-to-repair solution for your commercial building, then the EPDM is the perfect choice for you. Its chemical and physical properties also allow for superior heat and weather resistance.

Thermoplastic Roofing

We also make roof systems made out of thermoplastic, which comprises TPO (thermoplastic olefin) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Much like the synthetic rubber roofing, thermoplastic roofing techniques involve the sealing of several large plates of durable and heat-resistant plastic material. That is being done to avoid any kind of unnecessary drainage due to large amounts of rain or any percipitation. Not only that – thermoplastic roofing is extremely resistant when it comes to unwanted chemical reactions making it especially valuable in the roofing industry.

Bituminous Roofing

Unlike synthetic rubber and thermoplastic roofing, bituminous roofing involves using natural organic materials that carry specific physical properties exceptionally useful in roofing. The technique we use is called BUR (built-up roof) which involves placing several layers of bitumen (usually a mixture of asphalt or coal tar with several other organic materials) on a low-sloped or a flat roof and reinforcing them with layers of organic felts. The composition is then usually covered with a waterproof coating or other synthetic materials such as glass fiber.

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