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Factors to consider when buying a home in Lawrenceville

You may be planning to buy a home in Lawrenceville. Whether you have a couple of days to just a matter of hours to make the decision, there are several factors you need to consider when choosing your dream home. These include:

Open mind: Do not get emotionally attached to a house or neighbourhood before you start your search. If anything, keep an open mind and consider two or more houses or neighbourhoods before settling for one at the end after taking into account all factors.

Your budget vs. the price: You definitely have a set budget within which your proposed home must not stretch too far whether you are buying it cash or through a mortgage.

If you opt for a mortgage, then house at lower price will improve your living standards with a mortgage payment for the next 15 or 30 years.

Location: You will never change your home’s location once you purchase it. You are, therefore, better off carrying a research your proposed neighborhood – are your prospective neighbors maintaining their houses and yards well? How far is the house from your workplace, shopping centre, restaurants, schools, etc? Is there residents association?

For instance, if your children are in the Gwinnett County school district in Lawrenceville, the new location must not be too far. Even if you do not have kids, remember you could have one or more a few years down the line who will need to go to school.

State:  You need to view the houses you would potentially and choose one that is in a much better condition. For instance, if one house is ready for you to move in, it is better than one that will need a lot of repair work before you move your family in.  Check out on some defects that may not be visible such as burst sewers or leaking roofs.

Value: Consult your realtor for information about the current and future investment value (appreciation or depreciation) potential of your Lawrenceville home. This the realtor can know by calculating the average house prices over the past couple of years.  Such information could help you purchase a not so highly priced house whose value could double or triple in a few years compared to a low priced house whose value could depreciate almost in the next month.

Security: Analysing your proposed neighbourhood’s crime statistics through an online research could save you from buying a home in a dangerous area. Consulting the area police station could also be of help since you may escape an area terrorised by vandalism or theft. 

Choice: Once you have noted down all the factors in relation to two or more houses or neighbourhoods, sit down and arrange them into the positive and negative factors for or against each house or neighbourhood.

You must remember to rank each factor according to how serious or important it is to you. For example, your security may be important than the distance you have to commute to work.

With all these factors in mind, let your gut feeling guide you in making the final decision. And if you need any roofing help done to your new home Georgia Roof Pro, number 1 Lawrenceville GA roofing company is here to help you.

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