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Global Foundation for Dental Healthcare and Awareness, Inc. (GFDHA) from Lawrenceville, Georgia is a Non-Profit volunteer organization which provides free dental and limited healthcare services to children living in orphanages and remote village locations. Thrilled with their mission, Georgia Roof Pro, the best roofing company from Gwinnett County, GA has decided to contact them and ask a few questions about their work.

1. Company name and what do you do exactly? Full Company name
Global Foundation for Dental Healthcare and Awareness, Inc. (GFDHA)

2. When did you start?
December 2015

3. Why did you start? Tell us about your goals
I am a Registered Dental Hygienist; many are not aware of the importance of routine preventative Oral Health visits so my reason for starting was to educate as many as possible about oral and overall health—making an impact on as many lives as possible. Neglected oral health causes LIFE THREATENING ILLNESS!!!

4. What motivates you? Describe your mission passion
Educating my patients on the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth as well as maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle.

5. What was the most fulfilling moment that happened to you?
What is it that you love most about what you do?
When my patients return for follow-up visits and I can see a dramatic improvement in their oral hygiene after attending my educational lectures.

6. What was the hardest/toughest moment you had to deal with?
Obstacles you faced when dealing with bureaucracy, permits, funding, etc. Something you would like to point out to anyone who might be starting their own organization.
Funding for our Non-Profit Organization….when Fortune 500 companies deny your grant proposals. Dental/Medical Professionals are ready to volunteer their valuable time to service the underprivileged but the resources ($$$$) are not available….you have EVERYTHING showing that your organization is making a difference in the community (pictures, videos, website) and YOUR PROPOSALS ARE ALWAYS BEING DENIED WITH NO EXPLANATION!!!

7. What separates you from the rest? Why you?
My passion to educate EVERYONE about oral hygiene.

8. Are you involved in local community, and if yes, how?
Yes—providing FREE Dental education, dental cleanings to the community.

9. Where do you see your business in 5 years?
Serving more countries in GA with FREE dentistry via a mobile dental bus.

10. Anything else you would like to add?
Help getting our organization funded would be helpful to our organization as well as the community…. Dental work is EXPENSIVE…. GFDHA is ready to serve those in need for FREE with the necessary resources put into perspective.

Contact: How can people reach out to you? *
Business name, address, phone, e-mail and links to your website and social media.

Global Foundation for Dental Healthcare and Awareness, Inc.
GFDHA (Facebook)
Felicia Williams

At the end, we from the Georgia Roof Pro, your top local roofer from Gwinnet County, Georgia, would like to thank you for the attention and your time!

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