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History of Lawrenceville Georgia

Nascent town

The new town faced the challenge of livestock trampling the courthouse lawn. The leaders erected a fence to stop both animal and human tampering. A fire broke out in 1871 and destroyed the original courthouse structure. 

A new building, built in Roman-style, which Boston architect E.G. Lin designed, replaced it. It was the official courthouse until the Gwinnett Justice Center’s completion in 1988.

The historic courthouse houses, the Gwinnett History Center, and the Gwinnett History Museum maintain a collection of Georgia folk artifacts.


Early residents were cotton farmers or beneficiaries of the industry. The fire destroyed Lawrenceville Manufacturing Company, among the first cotton factories, which made goods for the Confederates, during the Civil War. Corn, lumber, brick manufacturing, and livestock drove the initial economy.

Dairy farming picked a leading role after boll weevils destroyed the cotton crops and forcing the crop’s prices down.

In the 1980s, Gwinnett was among the fastest growing US counties and, in the process, Lawrenceville grew with its neighbouring cities.


The town has not been without controversy. Larry Flynt, a controversial magazine publisher, was standing outside the courthouse in 1978 talking to his lawyer about charges they faced. It is then a sniper shot at them leaving Flynt partially paralyzed.


New city

Lawrenceville has become attractive to students, educators, professionals, and business leaders. This is because of new institutions such as the 2006 opening of Georgia Gwinnett College.

Others are the Gwinnett Medical Center, the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center, Georgia Gwinnett College, Gwinnett Technical College, and the Gwinnett Braves Minor League Baseball.

This is why the city has grown over time. Lawrenceville had 28,546 people as per the 2010 US census with the 2015 Census Bureau estimating its population to be 30,493.

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