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Modern, innovative, and accomplished residential and commercial Duluth, GA Roofing Contractor with a number of years of experience in the field of roof design, installation, repair, and maintenance.

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We’ll bring our expertise and years of experience to help bring your ideas to life.

Residential Roofing

Our long-standing tradition has given us the knowledge and the experience to deal with even the most difficult and demanding Residential roofing projects

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Commercial Roofing

We are a company that values our customers and sees their satisfaction as one of their priorities in business

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Roof Replacement

Our clients greatly appreciate the attention and caution with which their roofs have been treated by our roof replacement team

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Roof Repair

The damages we repair range from slight scratches and leaky roofs to vast destructions of property attributed to harsh weather conditions or improper installation

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Georgia Roof Pro is the best destination for roof design, installation, repair and replacement solutions in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

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Why Should You Contact Us

We have set several guiding principles at very beginnings of our company’s work and we take great pride in respecting them in every aspect of our activities. That’s what makes us one of the best roofing companies in Duluth, Georgia.

Top-notch service

We are proud of every project we have been hired to do, because we always do our best when it comes to roofing and tree removal. We will not compromise on our Duluth area services because we know we have the best local roofers doing the work. They have always focused on customers, helping them when they needed help the most.

Constantly Innovating

Georgia Roof Pro follows all the latest trends in roofing to make sure we stay on top. Today’s competition makes it hard to keep the throne in Duluth, but we love a good challenge – it eventually leads to a win-win situation between us and our customers, since they get the best service, and we are excited to continue exploring and improving our roofing techniques.

Only the best materials

No matter what we work on, we always use the top materials. We install metal, tile, slate, shingle and flat roofs on  residential buildings, and use TPO, EPDM and BUR in commercial roofing. We won’t stop improving your roof until you are completely satisfied with it, because that is when we are satisfied.

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Roofing Services

georgia-roof-pro-logoThe biggest compliment we can get from our clients is the continual trust that they provide us with, and that is thanks to our constant struggle to be the best in the Duluth Area. We make sure to employ the best roofing talent and finest material. Georgia Roof Pro is thankful to the Gwinnett County residents for being such a pleasant community to work with. Severe winds and rain can sometimes ruin the serenity of this beautiful area, so it is our job to make your roof stronger and prevent any dangerous situations.

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Recognize Our Quality

We make sure that the specifications of our technology and equipment are never far from the most recent and advanced ones, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by our happy customers and residents of the Duluth area. We are grateful for every opportunity and job our clients trust us with. You can be sure that we will insist on excellence regardless of the type of roofing service: installation, repair, replacement or design.

If you’d like to receive an estimate for your roofing services please call (770) 757-9300 or fill out our contact form and someone will be getting back to you shortly.

Learn How To Spot A Good Roofing Contractor Instead Of A Bad One

Not every roofing contractor is honest and straightforward when estimating costs for your roof replacement, so make certain you get a firm estimate in writing before hiring the one you want. Most will say they are able to finish your new roof but this may not be the case. Hiring the ideal contractor has a significant effect on how your roof will come out. If you are in need of help to find the the best roof replacement contractor, look over the following suggestions obtained from our experts.

Be clear and loud about your wishes and be clear about your vision when discussing what you want to be done with your contractor. Have your roofing contractor repeat your vision and expectations using his own words in order to effectively ensure that he has understood what has been explained to him. Set a timetable for your project and inform your roof replacing contractor to keep him  from falling behind calendar. Before the venture starting, have the temporary worker make up a composed get that incorporates all the settled upon subtle elements that should be marked by both sides.

When it comes to needing the services of a contractual worker, it’s wise to obtain at least three different assessments from various contracting businesses. The lowest bid you receive shouldn’t automatically be accepted when you’re reviewing multiple proposals. Usually, you will receive much better work when you hire a more expensive roofing contractor for replacing your roof. Ask your local contractor to provide you with a cost breakdown of your project.

You need to consider your service provider a part of your team when you have started your contractual agreement with him. Before signing anything, review every piece of the contract and discuss any questions or concerns with your service provider. Guarantee that the amount you pay on initial payment is not as much as half of everything. Arrange for the paperwork to be signed in your roofing contractor’s office so that you could get an idea of how his business is organized and managed.

Examine any contract completely before you start the project. Failing to browse through the fine print can cost you or create issues later. Talk over anything in the legal agreement that is not clear with the service provider. If the legal language used in the legal agreement is intimidating, call upon a lawyer to help you understand the material before you sign the paperwork.

A lot of people mistakenly equate a low offer from a licensed roof replacing contractor with poor work quality. There shouldn’t be much variation in materials costs from one contractor to the next. Next, compute the labor costs and add that number to the cost of the materials. If the final math works out, and it looks like a reasonable bid, you can consider hiring that contractor. We at Georgia Roof Pro are glad to be part of Duluth, maybe it is a small town but it is ours, and everyone can find something for themselves there you just have to look around.

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We’ll bring our expertise and years of experience to help bring your ideas to life.

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