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Roof replacement is not something homeowners enjoy and look forward too. Most of us only want the whole project to be done as fast as possible and at the lowest price possible. People usually think of roof replacement as a pain in the neck. However, Georgia Roof Pro, roof replacement contractor from Lawrenceville GA, claims that roof replacement can turn out to be fun. First of all, consider it as a way to refresh the entire appearance of your home. It’s a perfect opportunity to give your house an improvement in the shape of a beautiful new roof. You can play with forms, patterns, colors and so on. Do your research and find what type of roof fits the architecture of your home best. The starting point in each roof replacement is choosing a perfect roof material.

Many people are not aware how advanced roofing market is. Today, you don’t have to install asphalt shingles. There are so many new options, some of which are eco-friendly as well. You can choose from a variety of roofing materials that come in different shapes, patterns, colors and cost differently. This article will explain some most common roofing materials and why to choose a particular one.

Roof replacement


These three roofing materials are the most often ones in residential roofing. We will list advantages and drawbacks of each, so you could decide which one is the best for you. Make sure you ask your contractor for help too because the material you choose should depend on the climate you live in.


Yes, you read it- metal is not reserved for warehouses only anymore. A huge boom of metal in residential roofing motivated us for listing it here. Metal is a roofing material of high-quality with amazing properties. It provides your home with protection from the weather condition as well as from insects. A metal roof can withstand just about any weather condition. It sheds water easily, and leaks are very rare.  It can come in various colors and patterns, and it adds value to your property. On the other hand, make sure you are not moving soon because the metal roof is pricey. They are eco-friendly and save a nice amount of money, but only if you wait long enough for the energy savings to pay off.


You can often hear asphalt shingles instead of composite shingles. And you will often find them in the US because they are the most popular roofing material in the states. Composite shingles are made of a layer of fiberglass mat that manufacturers top with mineral granules. Asphalt is added to the mixture and creates a durable roofing material. Contractors often provide their clients with a 20 years warranty.  Most homeowners decide to install asphalt shingles because they are relatively cheap and everyone knows how to install them. Another good thing about them is that they are easy to replace- if you lose one shingle, you will likely find the exact color match.


The 21st century is all about living green. Not really living green- the majority of us is still not trying hard enough to save the planet, but the roofing industry does. Many new roofing technologies could save the planet and your money as well. Green roofing is just one of them. It is a roofing system made of several layers. The top layer is vegetation, and it provides high insulation properties. Metal roofing is eco-friendly as well because it minimizes midday heat and saves a tremendous amount of energy. Of course, there is also slate roofing. The most amazing looking roof is a slate roof. Slate is a natural stone which can last you for hundred years. Another fantastic eco roofing system is solar roofing. Solar panels can help seize the sunlight and heat and create electricity. You can save hundreds of dollars thanks to these. Let’s not forget they look beautiful!

Georgia Roof Pro, a roofing company in Lawrenceville, GA finds a roof material crucial aspect of roof replacement. For a successful replacement, it’s necessary to have an experienced contractor, high-quality materials, and some patience.

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