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In many cases, homeowners react immediately when they notice their roof is leaking. To be honest, it’s not weird that they do, considering they’ve been catching the water with a bucket since the leak started. But what about those roofing problems that you know are there, but they are still not severe enough to motivate you on repairing them? The majority of people ignores those issues, but that is far from good.  Problems that are not obvious aren’t necessarily less severe. You can’t evaluate the condition of your roof from your couch. You can’t know what is going on up there if you don’t get you ladder and hop on the roof. It’s not so easy to find a problem as it seems. It could be anywhere- maybe it’s on top of your roof, and you’ll be able to find it right away, maybe it’s on the other side of your roof, on the walls, in the gutters. The point is- it’s hard to know. Keep in mind that your roof is exposed to rain, hail, lightning, the sun, UV lights, heat, and rot always, 24/7 without a break. If you are still too lazy or too busy to deal with repairs, remember roof replacement. Roof replacement is the best motivator for fixing your roof. Georgia Roof Pro, a roof repair contractor in Lawrenceville GA, says that most clients who wait too long to fix a small damage end up with a disaster. Minor repairs are easy to handle financially, but if you wait long enough, you could be paying thousands of dollars for roof replacement. It all depends on you- do you want to save your money or risk it?


A logical question is how to prevent damage? Well, it’s not that simple. Preventing a damage demands your engagement. You should be proactive instead of passive and reactionary only. Instead of learning how to repair something, find out how to prevent it- DIY tips and tricks, best materials,  quality contractor, best roof shape fo your climate. These are all ways to prevent damage. Regular maintenance is a must also. Maintenance is a number one thing that could prolong the life expectancy of your roofing system. What does roof maintenance mean? It means taking care of minor problems while there is still time and preventing other damages from appearing. It means taking the time to inspect crucial parts of your roofing system. If maintenance is still not clear to you, let’s try numbers. If you take a proper care of your asphalt roof, it could last for 25 years instead of 20. It means five more years to save money instead of spending it on a replacement. Therefore, maintenance is crucial. When to inspect roof is another important question. You should check your roof at least twice a year. Georgia Roof Pro, a roofing company in Lawrenceville, recommends you to check your roofing system after each harsh storm, hail, and wind.  It will be the best if you do one big inspection on your own and another one with a professional. Experts will inspect the places you could never inspect on your own. They have the appropriate tools and educated roofing teams. Of course, that doesn’t mean your inspections are not just as important.

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Another common problem is that people don’t know where to look for signs of damage. It’s no wonder that non-roofers don’t know most critical places on their roof. After all, that’s why this article is here- to educate you. We recommend you to inspect things like flashing, chimneys, valleys, skylights, roof surface ( shingles- look for cracks, scratches, missing shingles, granular surface, bubbly surface, etc.), seams, vent pipes, gutters, and underlayment. These are the most common places of a roof leak, so it’s also useful to know where to look in case of leaking. We recommend you always to repair your roof right away. We promise you- you will save a lot of money and time if you react instantly. Waiting will only bring more troubles which could’ve been entirely prevented with the regular inspection.

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