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Residential Roofing Solutions in Georgia
Modern, innovative, and accomplished residential and commercial Gwinnett County roofing company with a number of years of experience in the field of roof design, installation, repair, and maintenance.

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Residential Roofing – Keeping Local Homes Safe Since 2010

  • The Materials We Use: Metal, Tile, Asphalt, Shingle, Clay, Slate

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While performing any type of roofing project, our biggest aim is to please our customers. Our long-standing tradition has given us the knowledge and the experience to deal with even the most difficult and demanding roofing projects, while simultaneously getting numerous positive feedbacks from our esteemed clients.

Residential roofing is one of the two main types of roofing we do here at Georgia Roof Pro, the other being commercial roofing. Simply put, residential roofing is a collective term used to describe any type of material used to cover a variety of residential buildings. When looking for the best residential roofing solution for your home, you want to find the one that suits your house the best, while ensuring the it will successfully protect it from unwanted weather conditions and make sure your family and assets are safe.

Considering the high rate of unpleasant weather conditions in Gwinnett County, GA, we are aware of the risks Georgia residents have to face when installing or maintaining their roof systems. That’s why we strive to provide you with the best roofing solution services any company can offer. We can repair your roof – particularly when it comes to emergency repairs needed to be done due to extensive damage to the roof, emergency tree removal service, or storm damage roof repairs after a storm has hit your home or building. We also offer the service of roof replacement that you can use for a number of reasons, especially if you are unsatisfied with the overall condition of your roof.

We are a company that values our customers and sees their satisfaction as a top priority. This is the reason  we  put  all  of  our  efforts  into  improving  the  quality  of  our  work  and  coming  up  with  new texhniques  and  technologies.  Our  goal  is  a  satisfied  customer  with  the best  product  and  the  best service.

Our locations include Lawrenceville, Dacula, Grayson, Buford, Sugar Hill, Snellville and Duluth, all located in Gwinnett County service ara. If you are in need of a new residential roofing solution, and you are a resident of Gwinnett County, make sure to contact us and ensure your house gets the treatment it deserves.

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Materials and Roof Types in Residential Roofing

There are several techniques, roofing types and materials we take advantage of when installing your roofing system. Each of them has certain properties that will fit different types of houses.

Metal Roofing – Perfect Contemporary Style for You

  • Metal Roofing Is a Lifetime Investment

  • This Simple Installation Will Make Your Home Watertight

  • Heat Protection Due to Installation Under or on Top of the Roof Sheathing

Metal roofing is mostly used for residential, but can also be used for commercial buildings. Siding also makes use of the material. Whether you need a minor repair or entire roof replacement, metal roofing can be applied in both – it is very durable in cold weather. You should only trust experienced professionals to install a metal roof, otherwise you risk a leaky situation, which can cost much more in the end when it needs to be replaced. Metal roofs really can last an entire lifetime.

Asphalt Shingles – Using the Most Common Roofing Method

  • High Resistance to Damage with Little to No Maintenance

  • Keep out Rain with These Modern Tiles

This material is very commonly used on residential properties due to the fact that Asphalt’s primary purpose in roofing shingles is to waterproof. Asphalt also holds the granules in place and adds to the overall strength of the roofing shingle. Our asphalt will not become hard, dry out or brittle for the expected life of the roofing shingle – it stays flexible. Asphalt shingles come in many different styles and are quite affordable. The average asphalt shingles usually last up to 20 years.


Clay – Block Rainwater Right Now

  • Energy Cost Reduction with This Common Roofing Material

  • Affordable Advance Cost That Is a Safe Investment

Roof tiles are often made of clay today because of the waterproof glaze that keeps the rain out. Flat roof installers also frequently used clay. It has been widely used in the past because it was considered affordable due to cheap transport since most factories were situated near rivers.

Slate – Waterproof Your House with This Effective Stone Material

  • Better Dependability and Toughness than Most Materials

  • Top Class Material for Amazing Insulation

Slate undergoes fission when it is handled with skill and a special tool in the quarry, and forms smooth flat sheets of stone. In this form, slate is widely used in roofing and construction due to the very low water absorption level, which makes it waterproof. This is what makes slate one of the best roofing materials.

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