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Growing Your Own Vegetable Roof Garden

The difference between our ancestors and us is the quality and speed of daily routines. Even though the quality of life significantly improved there are some things that were better back in the old days. Our ancestors didn’t have to worry about harmful chemicals on their food or pesticides; they didn’t even know what those could be. They also didn’t wonder where their food comes from: it came from their gardens. Fresh and free veggies weren’t a luxury back then, but things changed, and we lost touch with gardening. Our busy lifestyle shaped our life and feeding standards into what it is today. Fast food and big shopping malls offering “fresh veggies” are a big scam that causes many diseases in the human race. Luckily, gardening enthusiasts are trying hard to motivate young people to take a look at this activity. Georgia Roof Pro, the best roofing company in Lawrenceville, Georgia, has some advice for you, so read on!

Why DIY Gardening Is Wise

  • You are your best friend and, therefore, planting your own food is the best for you. You automatically know where it comes from and you can rest knowing it wasn’t treated with chemicals and pesticides.
  • Maybe you didn’t think about it, but by not buying from big store chains you also don’t support their commercial farming production filled with chemicals. By planting your food the natural way, you contribute to the eco-friendly community.
  • Once you succeed at growing your vegetables, they are yours for free. Except for some initial costs, you are not obligated to pay to anyone.
  • You would be surprised to find out how planting, growing, and harvesting connects you to the ground and nature.
  • Quality isn’t the only difference between store-bought and home-grown food. Your own food also tastes better; it isn’t dull in texture, you can expect stronger flavor and richer smell.


Simplicity First

A garden is a blend of air, light, and water and those elements are keeping it alive. It is crucial to know and understand the interaction between elements so you could successfully grow plants. So, how to begin? What to be most careful of?

  • What is your climate like? What veggies could grow best?
  • What vegetables are your favorite?
  • Is there any vegetable that isn’t available at your stores or it’s costly?

Tips for Gardening Beginners

  • Find a place where the sun shines the most and plant those veggies that demand full sun such as tomatoes, peppers, squash or cucumber. Those leafy vegetables need less sun and are easier to grow such as salad, spinach, broccoli. Make sure to plan your garden according to what each type of vegetable needs.
  • The soil is the base of everything, so choose a high-quality soil and invest in it. Compost is a highly nutritive thing to add to the ground, and you can even make it yourself. Things like eggshells can arm your soil with calcium and coffee grounds will secure it from critters. If you look after your soil, the plants will take care of themselves.
  • Draw your garden first. It will help you determine the best place for your plants. If the plants are too close to each other, they will compete for water and sunlight, so space them properly.
  • The rule says that the seeds should be soaked in water at least 24 hours before you put them in the soil.
  • Just like with soil, ensure that your seeds are of high-quality. Follow the instructions on the packaging to get the most out of your seeds. Instructions mostly include how to plant them ( how deep and how far from each other)

Trust it or not, the job is not done yet. It only begins now when you planted the seeds. You have to pay attention to your garden. Water it carefully – not too much but not too little, add some nutrients regularly, add some fertilizers when weeds come up. Remember that garden is a living system.
It may seem like a lot of effort, and it is but the results will amaze you. Eating your own fresh food will give you a pleasant feeling, and you will learn to love nature and gardening for how it connects you to nature. In addition to that, your roof will be a green roof. If you need more information on green roofs, get in touch with Georgia Roof Pro, the top roofing company in Lawrenceville, GA and we will give you all the information you need.

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