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Painting Your Roof to Perfection

Every once in a while our homes need some refreshment, or we simply crave for something new. You can buy a new house, but there is a much easier and affordable way to satisfy your need for a change. By painting your roof, you give your home entirely new look. The job can be done by a professional or by your skilled hand. If you decide to hop on this DIY adventure, then you should know some crucial preparation steps as well as appropriate safety measures in order to get the best finish result. Luckily, Georgia Roof Pro, the best local roofing contractor in Snellville, GA, has prepared some information for you:


As with all surfaces, roofs have to be cleaned before applying paint as well. Cleaning before painting will ensure a smooth finish instead of a bumpy surface. Using the correct chemicals, you should scrub off stubborn moss or lichen. If you have access to a pressure washer then the cleaning part will be even less strenuous, however, you can clean just as efficiently with a water hose and a broomstick. For corrugated roofs we recommend you washing with a degreaser solution

If you have been procrastinating with replacing broken or cracked shingles, now it’s the time to deal with them finally. Make sure you have enough paint for two thick layers and be mindful when choosing a color. The darker the rooftop is, the more heat it will absorb. To save money pick lighter colors that have reflective properties. It is much easier to paint with a spray paint airbrush than with a hand brush.

Color Choosing

Choosing colors and types of paint is essential and dedicate time to it. You would be surprised to know how much the type of paint and color can affect the overall functionality of your roofing system. Cement tiles and shingle roofs should be painted with water-based paint, but if you have rainwater collecting system, then you should first make sure it is safe and suitable for drinking. Iron roofs are an individual category in which you have to be especially careful due to rusting process. Oil-based paints are, therefore, the best pick for metal roofs but if you’ve decided to go with a water-based one treat the rust properly. Roofing market now offers paint that is heat-resistant which is a perfect choice for dark colored roofing systems.

Choose a color to shape the visual appeal of your home. If you want to calm or tone down the exterior of your home, then go for a simple single color in colder tones. If you, on the other hand, want to enrich your home, brighten it and make it stand out choose vibrant and bold colors in warmer tones.



The material of the roof always determines the painting process.

A good old brush can always be used to paint a roof, but an airless spray gun leaves the surface with a more even and smooth look. For homeowners with corrugated roofs and no airbrush near rollers shaped like corrugated iron are the best option. Don’t completely diss away brush because you will need to for painting the corner and ridge caps of the roof. Tile roofs often fade in color and in that case you should always prep the surface with a coat of sealer and then apply water-based paint. Metal roofs require a special type of paint that will ensure sustainability and that are made particularly for metal roofing systems.

When and How

Professionals know that painting on a rainy day is a bad idea but painting on a too sunny day is an even worse idea. Sun dries the paint too quick for your to follow if it is powerful so you could end up with a patchy surface. Try not to paint on a windy day because paint could land on the area where you don’t want it. You should prepare yourself for painting as well by wearing stable shoes, getting a wide four-legged ladder and wearing a helmet.

Paint is smaller sections and start from the top of the roof and go down and back up for a new small section. Calculate where will you finish painting so walking over a wet paint isn’t necessary.

Treat your roof as your canvas; it doesn’t have to be classical, and you can do with it whatever you want. Choose patterns and colors that will refresh your property but always keep in mind that you might want to sell your home one day and buyer always appreciate simplicity. If you want more information, call us at Georgia Roof Pro, a residential roofing company in Snellville, Georgia, and we’ll come right over to help you!

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