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How to maintain a slate roof

Slate roofing systems are made of a rock originally derived from a sedimentary rock composed of clay and volcanic ash. In roofing systems, slate roofs are a symbol of longevity. They are considered to be a lifetime investment since they will probably outlive you. It is also popular because of its visual appeal. On the other hand, investing in slate roofing systems is also a major financial investment. The expected cost of installation is between $10.00 and $20.00 per square foot.

Since slate roofs are a major investment, you would want to take proper care of them. Moreover, their level of maintenance isn’t that high. It is suggested you do a general inspection of your slate roof at least once a year. Experts agree that the best time of the year to do this is late fall because in case there are any problems, you can take care of them before wintertime. During your inspection, avoid foot traffic on your roof. Instead, use a ladder. In case you have to walk on your roof, use soft-soled shoes. According to advice by Georgia Roof Pro, Gwinnett county residential roofing contractor, keep your safety an ultimate priority.



Before the inspection of the exterior, you should carefully and thoroughly inspect the interior. Start by checking your attic. Look for water stains, sagging, leaking, cracks or anything out of the ordinary.

When checking the exterior, pay attention to the tiles. If they appear powdery, that means they’re damaged and you need to replace them. That process is called delamination. In addition to that, check for any kind of gaps, cracks or splits in your mortar joints.


In case you notice a leak, besides checking your roof, check your flashing and gutter. Actually, they’re the most common source of leaking problems. If you notice a cracked shingle, replace it by yourself if you feel capable. However, if the damage is too extensive for you to handle on your own, choose a licensed contractor to do that for you, professionally.

When checking your roof, take time to remove any kind of debris from the roof to adequately prepare your roof for wintertime. To prevent the creating of ice dams, a common winter problem, install a heating cable around the gutter and eaves. When faced with ice dams, don’t break them by using a hammer, you will probably end up damaging your shingles.

In any case, if you consider yourself to be a DIY master, feel free to take on the repairs yourself, but follow proper guidance and don’t invent your own tactics. In case you don’t feel as the roofer of the day, choose Georgia Roof Pro, top Gwinnett county roofing contractor. Look for certificates, compare prices, check for warranties and insurance and make sure you’re satisfied with the end product.

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